Teacher Led, Student Focussed

Use for homework or in class on any device. Student offline version available from September 2016*

I find it very useful for managing homework with my 2nd and 3rd year classes. It's very easy to use and students love it because they can log on anywhere and get instant feedback as they work.

Deirdre, 2nd and 3rd year teacher More info

I use it in the computer lab with my transition years. I find Build Up very useful for managing a group of mixed-ability students who are always coming and going through the year.

Des, TY teacher More info

My first years use it in class on their iPads. It's important to me that it's built around the Irish curriculum and that it's very easy for the students to find the relevant topic to be working on.

Simon, 1st year teacher More info

How is a Topic organised

All concepts and questions are aligned to the Irish curriculum which means that anytime a student works on Build Up, they are working on questions relevant to your teaching.

Each learner has their own personal learning path. In the last academic year, from a sample size of over 10,000 students, more than 99% of learning paths were unique. This shows just how important a personalised learning journey is for students.

How questions are graded

Several algorithms are used to deliver the right question at the right time to each individual student.

These algorithms include a consideration of the student profile (Ordinary Level or Higher Level), the performance of similar students from around the country, pedagogical principles as well as the individual performance and behaviour to determine the question they receive.

Each student receives questions and a learning path which is unique for them and as usage increases the system’s ability to deliver optimal questions increases.

How to purchase

Build Up will be available in all school bookshops so once you booklist, parents can purchase the Build Up Card as they would a normal textbook. On the reverse of the card is a unique code that students enter into Build Up to give them the required licence length.

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