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Students who used Build Up improved performance by an average of 8.3%.

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Reflecting how students work

Build Up reflects how students will answer questions in exams and more importantly reinforces the importance of writing down each step involved. For every question, students will use a pen and paper to work out the necessary steps as normal, entering the final answer into Build Up. Students will have two attempts to enter the correct answer, or one for multiple choice questions, after which time their answer will be automatically corrected and a fully worked solution provided.


Real-time identification of students' needs and actionable recommendations ensure no student is left behind


Learning outcomes measurably improved, quicker course coverage, better results and a more solid subject mastery


Students receive personalised learning paths with immediate feedback which improves learner engagement

Personalising the journey

Students love Build Up because it is very easy to use. Using Build Up gives students a greater sense of where they are and what they need to do to succeed in their course.

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