How Teachers Use Build Up

1st & 2nd Year

  • Regular use will support both teacher and student throughout the JC Cycle. Whether used in school or for homework, Build Up will serve as a solid reinforcement of what is taught in class. Over time the teacher reports will become more and more valuable, serving as both a tool for continuous assessment on each student while also highlighting specific areas that the class as a whole may need to focus upon.
  • Printable report cards can also be used to effectively communicate student performance over time to parents at parent teacher meetings.
  • Homework is very easily set and managed. You can see at a glance who has done their work and who has not.
  • Students love using technology to learn and will look forward to classes where they may get to use Build Up.
  • Questions are individualised meaning that students cannot copy each other while working with devices in school.

3rd Year

  • Build Up provides the perfect tool to revise in a busy year when teachers may still be focusing on completing the course.
  • It hones fundamental skills in all elements of the Junior Cert Curriculum. Content is fully aligned to the Irish JC.
  • The questions are variablised which helps foster mastery in students. When a student revisits a topic the questions will be different, which helps ensure that they are fully fluent in the topic at hand.
  • Worked solutions for every problem help facilitate independent learning as they revise.
  • Instant feedback ensures that students know where they are at and what they have to do next.
  • Teacher has visibility over who is revising and how well they are performing as they revise.

Transition Year

  • In a mixed-ability environment Build Up will challenge each learner at their level, leaving the teacher free to assist those that need assistance.
  • There is no need to purchase a textbook or create lesson plans for TY as Build Up will take care of that for you.
  • Build Up allows students to work at their own pace. This is ideal for managing classes that have varied schedules. As a teacher you will know where each student is at and how they are doing.
  • The scope of the content will help students master the skills they learnt for Junior Cert, helping them get off on the best possible footing for the Senior Cycle.