Frequently asked questions

1. Is Build Up used to rank my students?

Build Up is designed to create an individual learning environment for each student based on their own needs and abilities. Build Up engages and motivates students to maximise their potential. You would still use your normal end of term exams as a suitable method to rank your students.

2. Can I use Build Up to manage homework for my class?

Homework can be created using ‘Assignments’. Select the topic, due date and work to be done and Build Up will create, track and correct it for you.

3. How many questions are there on Build Up?

The questions on Build Up are variablised, meaning that there are millions of questions, set, corrected and graded, adapting to the needs of each individual student.

4. Can my students copy each other?

Question variablisation makes it extremely unlikely for any two students to receive the same question. In practice, when you create homework or class assignments every student will be working on their own set of questions tailored specifically for them.

5. Are there report cards I can use at parent-teacher meetings?

Printable report cards that detail individual progress and performance are available in the Student activity area.

6. Can I create more than one classroom?

You can create as many classrooms as you like. Classrooms can be created for the common introductory course, Higher, Ordinary or Mixed Level abilities.

7. Can I use Build Up on my Mac?

Build Up can be used on any desktop, laptop or tablet device connected to the Internet that supports a modern browser.

8. If I’m using Build Up in school, how do I know that my students are actually working rather than just browsing the web?

The Live Class tool will show you whether a student is working on Build Up or not.

9. How do I know what questions my students are going to get?

You can preview all of our content by using the ‘Check Content’ tool – remember this will show you the style of question they will receive – their exact question is based on their own individual needs and strengths.

10. Is there any instructional material on Build Up to help my students learn on their own?

Every question has a worked solution which describes in detail the operations required to reach the correct solution. In addition, students can easily see the areas worked on to date and the grades achieved so that they can choose to revise or work on new areas as the year progresses.

11. How much does Build up cost?

The Build Up card is available to purchase in school bookshops nationwide or direct from Folens:

  • Build Up Blue - 12 month licence - €20