Progress at your Pace

A new online learning tool for Maths - millions of Junior Certificate and Transition Year questions. Adapted to individual student needs, corrected to save teachers' time.

Proven Results, Deeper Learning

A total of 20,468 people used Build Up since 2015. Students who used Build Up improved performance by an average of 12.4%. This includes a mix of students who used Build Up in class and at home, for learning and revision.

In addition to grade increase, students also saw a significant increase in question answering speed.


Developed by Folens, Ireland's leading supplier of educational content for 50 years


Provides insight into students' progress and performance with printable graphs and reports, ideal for your next meeting


Real-time data and suggestions quickly identify individual learning needs

Reinforcement and Revision

Build Up is not designed to grade students from 1 to 30 in a class but rather utilises an adaptive learning engine that is able to accurately profile the knowledge state of each student. Build Up then uses this information to deliver personalised content to each student based upon their own unique learning needs.